Vitamin C and Your Skin

Vitamin C and Your Skin

The benefits of Vitamin C have long been for help staying healthy and keeping you from getting sick around others who are ill. At least that’s what my mother always pumped into me when I was around sick kids.


But in the last decade or so there have been some standout beneficial ingredients that will keep your skin looking healthier, one of them being Vitamin C!


Anti-aging products are very popular. Why wouldn’t we want to turn back time if it came in a bottle? Well it’s not that simple, but there are research-proven results that you can expect from using Vitamin C serums


Vitamin C for Healthier Skin


In any form, vitamin C provides potent antioxidant to combat the damaging free radicals that promote premature aging. Most of these free radicals are ones that we cannot escape like the sun damage and air pollution. This is where a Vitamin C serum that is applied topically can help.
Incorporating Vitamin C serum into your daily regimen of skincare can provide many benefits to keep your skin looking younger for a longer time. Some of the good affects of Vitamin C can be:
  • Boosting healthy collagen production for firmer skin.
  • Reduce inflammation and skin irritation.
  • Reduce the appearance of sun damage such as brown spots or uneven toned skin.
  • Boost the skin’s defense against harmful UV rays.

Recommended Products with Vitamin C

Vitamin C Serum
Vitamin C Serums have become a proven way to help skin look healthier if used properly and as directed. It is effective in lower concentrations according to research, so don’t think you have to use a lot to get the benefits you are looking for. One thing to remember about Vitamin C products is that they must be kept in a dark bottle to keep the serum from oxidizing. Vitamin C is susceptible to destabilization if exposed to air and light. So the best forms of the product are in opaque and air-restrictive containers that help keep the ingredients stable.