Essential Oils for Skin Care

 Suggested Essential Oils for Skin Care


Please note:
Many of the oils suggested are known photo-sensitizers. angelica and the citrus oils such as lemon, bergamot and orange should not be applied on the skin in any form within 12 hours of exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet light. Use these oils only at night if you are going to be exposed to sunlight.
Acne Bergamot, chamomile (German and Roman) geranium, lavender (spike and true), lemon, palmarosa, rosemary, tea tree.
Allergies: Blue Tansy (Tanecetum annuum), amni Visnaga, German and Roman Chamomile, helichrysum,  lavender, yarrow, lemon balm.
Athletes Foot and other fungal infections. lavender (true and Spike), Myrrh, Patchouli, Lemongrass, Niaouli, Palma Rosa, Tagetes, Tea Tree.
Baldness West Indian bay, chamomile (German and Roman), patchouli, rosemary, yarrow.
Boils, abscesses and Blisters Bergamot, chamomile (Roman nad German), lavender, Lemon, Tea Tree, Thyme, Juniper, Geranium (in hot compresses).
Bruises Helichrysum, Black Pepper, German Chamomile, Hyssop, Fennel, Spike lavender, Lemon, Rosemary St. Johns Wort infused oil.
Burns Lavender, helichrysum, Carrot Seed, Frankincense, manuka, neroli, Tea tree.
Chapped and Cracked skin Tolu balsam, benzoin, myrrh, patchouli, sandalwood.
Chilblains Lemon, sweet marjoram, black pepper.

Cold Sores (Herpes simplex)

Melissa,  rose otto, myrrh, bergamot, eucalyptus globulous, sandalwood, Bergamot, eucalyptus radiata, cajeput, niaouli, ravensara, tea tree.
Congested and Dull Skin angelica, geranium, grapefruit, lavender (spike and true), srose (cabage and damask), rosemary, rosewood, ylang ylang,

Cuts and scrapes

Lavender, chamomiles, tea tree as antiseptic, helichrysum, marigold, yarrow.
Dandruff West Indian bay, spike lavender, rosemary.

Tea Tree oil, added to shampoo in a 5% dilution, is at least as effective as 2% ketoconazole and 1% terbinafine in the treatment of dandruff.  In the test, the subjects used a 5% dilution in a daily shampoo, and left the shampoo in their hair for three minutes before rinsing. (Recent research published by the International Aromatherapy Journal).

Dermatitis Chamomiles, helichrysum, true lavender, palmarosa.
Dry and Sensitive skin Chamomiles, jasmine, rosewood, sandalwood.
Eczema Lemain, balm, bergamot, chamomiles, helichrysum, lavenders, patchouli, rose.
Exessive perspiration cypress, lemongrass.
Greasy or oily skin Bergamot, cypress, geranium, lavender, lemon, rosematy, rosewwod, sandalwood, tea tree,ylanf ylang.
Hemorrhoids/Piles Cypress, juniper,myrrh, yarrow.
Insect Bites Cajeput (fire ants), Helichrysum, Lemon balm, chamomiles, lavender, tea tree, ylang ylang.
Insect repellant Lemon balm, Virginian cedarwood, citronella, lavender.
Irritated and inflamed skin Chamomiles, lavender, marigold, myrrh, patchouli, rose.
Lice Cinnamon leaf, scotch pine, spike lavender, turpentine.
Mouth and Gum ulcers/infections Sweet fennel, lemon, myrrh.
Psoriasis Angelica, bergamot, true lavender.
Rashes Tolu balsam, chamomiles, lavender, marigold.
Ringworm Spike lavender, myrrh, tea tree.
Scabies Tolu balsam, cinnamon leaf, lavenders, orange blossom, sandalwood, tea tree (5% dilution).
Scars and Stretch Marks Frankincense, trie lavender, organge blossm, sandalwood.
Slack Tissue/Skin Grapefruit, mandarin, sweet marjoram, black pepper.
Spots Lavender (spike and true), lemon, tea tree.
Ticks Sweet marjoram.
Toothache and teething pain Chamomile (German and Roman), clove bud, myrrh.
Varicose veins Calendula infused oil, cypress, lemon, geranium, juniper, rosemary, orange blossom, yarrow.
Verrucae Tagetes, tea tree.
Warts and Corns Lemon, lime, tagetes, tea tree.
Wounds Chamomile (German and Roman), eucalyptus (blue gum and lemon), lavender (spike and true), myrrh, yarrow.
Wrinkle and Mature skin Elemi, frankincense, galbanum, orange blossom, rose (cabbage and damask), rosewood, clary sage, sandalwood, spikenard, ylang ylang.